Are HHOGene GPods Worth It In 2022?

The HHOGene GPods aren't exactly the newest true wireless earbuds on the market but their value proposition is worth looking at. After all, while these may not have been the first true wireless earbuds, they are the first ones with a digital light control feature. This is where HHOGene truly stepped up its game to try and compete with the Apple Airpods.

The HHOGene GPods fixed one of the most important issues that plagued the general earbuds market-basic design functions of earbuds. This leaves many wondering: Are basic earbuds still worth it today?


Aesthetics are a matter of personal taste, but the design of GPods is one of a kind. The sleek exterior and compact frame make this one of the best-looking wireless earbuds on the market. Though they only come in black and white (for now), the additional colors make the whole experience unique.

One of the things to like the most about the HHOGene GPods – which are all-around phenomenal earbuds – is how they add personalization to earbuds. The GPods feature rubberized ear tips that hold these earbuds in place. As with the ear tips, you get four pairs of ear tips to ensure that you'll find a perfect fit. Once everything is locked into place, the HHOGene GPods will stay firm in your ear no matter what you do.

IPX2-rated earbuds can handle sweat just fine, but they should be kept away from water at all costs. This makes GPods suitable for workouts at the gym or outside.

So, if you’re about to head out for a jog and it looks like it might rain, you better take the charging case with you and be ready to put the buds away as soon as you feel the first drop of rain.

In all fairness, HHOGene did a great job in finding a loophole in a generally basic market. Adding digital light control to the earbuds boosted their value and greatly improved customers' experience. The ability to add colors from 72,000 options to choose from is an innovation like no other. The interchangeable shells are also another feature that makes GPods stand out in the gadgets market.

Better models have since been released with the same sound quality and basic features, but if you want a premium pair of true wireless earbuds on a budget, you shouldn't have any reservations about the HHOGene GPods. They add a personalized look, allow full control, and are the first of their kind.

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