Bluetooth earbuds recommendation from three aspects: HHOGene GPods

Music is the best healing tool for people, especially in this society where social and academic pressures are becoming higher and higher. At the same time, people's requirements for earbuds have also become abundant. Next, this article will take you to recommend earbuds from three aspects: noise reduction and high sound quality, delicate and easy to carry, and stylish appearance.

The fit of these earbuds is so comfortable and stable that you won't have any discomfort when you wear it. And its most powerful feature is noise cancellation. Pass-through mode provides enough transparency to allow you to hear ambient sounds around you or chat with others, and in pass-through mode, ActiveSense noise dynamic sensing technology can block out loud background noise or reduce it to an acceptable volume. Through innovative technology tailored for small acoustic devices, to achieve as realistic and balanced sound as the original sound.

The box of JBL live free 2 is small and easy to carry, it uses a pebble shape, matte process processing, the top has the embossed JBL brand LOGO. It currently has four colors: silver, black, blue, and pink, customers can choose earbuds according to their preferences. The shape of JBL Live Free 2 is particularly like a round bean, so fit their own characteristics affectionately called quiet noise beans, this product uses vacuum plating process, will give everyone a vibrant and fashionable style of appearance, and just like a metal flow of light texture highlights the technology sense.

The screen on the charging box below is a LED flowing light, black and dark red with the earbuds is not matched when opened below the light will flow from left to right all the time. The appearance of the earbuds are very similar to the trunk of a motorcycle, looks very technological, the black shell adds a bit of mystery and very fashionable. NeoBuds Pro has three modes on its APP: pure, dynamic, and audiophile. The pure taste is biased towards HIFI; Dynamic mode has a certain degree of bass and treble enhancement respectively; Audiophile mode can be customized EQ, and their own tuning mode can be shared with others.

HHOGene Gpods are packaged in a black square box with the product name and the slogan "Dare to shine" printed on the front. GPods is composed of 6 different LED lights, supporting nearly 300,000 different lighting combinations, and it can change colors through the app. It upholds the concept of "light", as its slogan says, "Dare to shine", not only in the appearance of the color change, but also calls on everyone to be brave to be themselves and send out their own light.

Many people will also doubt the endurance of this lighted wireless Bluetooth earbuds, GPods has surprised everyone again in this regard, the earbuds last 5 hours on a single occasion, the charging case can provide an additional 15 hours of endurance, the overall combined endurance of up to 20 hours. Even in the active noise cancellation and lighting are on state, the minimum battery life can reach 3 hours. At the same time, HHOGene GPods support fast charging function: 10 minutes of charging, 2 hours of listening, even if the time is tight, can also quickly replenish the earbuds life.

At the same time, music roars and soars with the GPods configuration of high-definition (HD) audio featuring 10mm dynamic drivers that deliver every detail, every tone. Tuning is strengthened by means of a polymer composite diaphragm in each earbud which combines with the drivers to extract the finest of musical points. HD audio coding technology optimizes the depth of sound, sense of presence, and spatial dynamics.

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