Dare to Shine with HHOGene GPods

After the hype of iPods and various kinds of earbuds, we are presenting GPods. Since customization has become a new trend in the market and people want a personal touch in everything. GPods can be the perfect choice for such people because they will provide you designs according to your unique style and personality.

The earbuds are not only a treat to the eyes because of their unique designs but also a treat to your ears because they are the first true wireless stereo earbuds. Moreover, you can customise the lights according to your preferences.

The GPods supports almost 300,000 different lighting combinations with which you can dare to shine according to your personal gleam and glow. Express your individuality in a variety of different ways.

The GPods has a photo colour detection feature by which you can change the light colour through various images. Moreover, the shells of the GPods are made up of optimised material that will protect them from turning yellow over time. They also have scratch and drop protection.

GPods have 15 hours of battery life with the lighting feature. However, after 10 minutes of quick charging, you will get 2 hours to enjoy the music. Additionally, when you open the box the GPods lights will show the battery status by turning the light Green, Yellow or Orange.

One of the most amazing things about GPods is that they come with a customizable tip size so you do not have to worry about the big or small tip size that won’t fit in your ears and keeps on falling out. It comes with 4 pairs of earbud tips of different sizes that can fit into any ear.

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