Former CEO of Alibaba’s DingTalk is now making earbuds with light control

A new Chinese startup founded by DingTalk’s former CEO Chen Hang launches a new line of wireless earbuds, its first consumer electronic product, on Tuesday on the US crowdfunding site Indiegogo.


Why it matters: The earbuds are the first batch of releases from Chen Hang’s new startup called HHO, which he founded after leaving Alibaba’s workplace collaboration app DingTalk in July 2021. Chen’s new project focuses on helping local Chinese manufacturers to produce and sell products directly to overseas consumers.

Details: The main selling point of the earbuds are their light control feature. Called GPods, the earbuds beam lights along the spine. It also supports customized control for the color and pattern of the light. A corresponding app uses an algorithm to pick and generate color patterns from any picture chosen by the user. The color can change to match the beat of the music.

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