Embrace the New Features of the HHOGene App Update!

Hello everyone!

It's not every day that you come across an upgrade that truly changes your experience in a fun and engaging way. Today, we're beyond thrilled to announce our latest update at HHOGene App, a significant step forward in bringing our users closer to the heart of our designers' world.

The first monumental addition in our app is the new "Shell Tales" section. Each week, we will release a story detailing the design inspiration behind one of our shell series. Creativity is the cornerstone of our designs, and the artists behind our incredible shells are filled with unique experiences and perspectives. With our "Shell Tales," you will get an exclusive peek into the creative process, the ingenious inspiration, and the compelling narratives behind each shell. Get ready to step into the world of our amazing designers!

The second significant update is related to shell customization; we have revamped it entirely to give you more freedom and personalized services. In addition to the existing text customization feature, we have introduced the image customization option. It broadens the spectrum of shell customization by allowing you to print the images of your choice on our shells, making your shell a special, personalized canvas!

Moreover, and most significantly, we have introduced a VIP exclusive service. Now, you can enjoy premium and personalized attention while designing your exclusive shell. The VIP service is a game-changer, and we're sure our users are going to love this elevated VIP experience.

This update is all about empowering our users with more choices, more authenticity, and deeper insights into our world of design. We believe your connection with our shells will be significantly stronger, more meaningful, and more remarkably inspiring.

Upgrade your HHOGene App today and start a new journey in the world of shell design. Be it through the captivating shell stories, personalized shell customization, or the luxurious VIP service, your interaction with our shells is set to become exclusive, enchanting, and entertaining.

Happy journey in the world of shells!


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  • Kimberly

    OMG, I am super excited about the custom shells!! Can’t wait to show off my grandson.

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