First Look – HHOGene GPods – The World’s First True Wireless Light Earbuds

Another day a new pair of earbuds here at TBI where we cover the biggest range of earbuds in Ireland and you see them in our hands, yes stock image reviews does not cut it nor have context but we give you all this here and these earbuds have lots to show off including changeable shells and they also light up and can be controlled with an app these are super cool but how will they sound and is aesthetics enough to give them a free pass, Well we will find out soon with our full review and we can't wait to get testing these new earbuds from HHOGene and they are their new GPods.

A unique software system allows full control of emanating light. Dimness, brightness, rhythm response, shades, and colours are at beck and call through digital technology built into all GPods.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)with algorithmic capabilities allow for arranging photos and analysing the colour ratios found in stored photo images. Colours for each pixel point in an image are sorted in order to calculate colour blocks. These blocks are transformed into light which is then projected in colourful style from each earbud.

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By Jim O Brien

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