Update: Fixing the Background Noise

During our testing time for GPods, we met many difficulties as we have mentioned before in our updates. Today, We want to tell you another one of them and how we solved it.

That time, we found a very subtle rhythmic sound when ANC was on or when the earbuds were on low volume. The reason was that along with the rhythm of the lights; the battery discharge current will change, thus interfering with the speakers and generating noise.

We finally decided to replace the battery with better shielding to solve the problem hidden inside the headset due to the relevance of the light control module. Now, the sound is still clear when the ANC is on or when the volume is low. With this strategy, we were able to correct the defect and create a smooth sound experience for the GPods.

There is significant progress in the earbuds' overall performance and synchronization with the APP. The buzzing sound has now disappeared, and the sound quality is even better.

We'll continue to optimize our product to offer a great experience to our customers. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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