Get Out of The Normal Earbuds and Join HHOGene Magic World

What is the most well-known wireless earbuds brand in the world? One of the brands come to your mind must be Apple. It’s the most recognizable pair of premium wireless earbuds in the world, and deservedly a member of the best ANC earbuds club. But if you’re looking for a new pair in the market, will you stick with Apple Airpods again or other different brands? That’s what we will introduce in this article.

HHOGene, the trendy fashion and unique technology brand that founded by Mr. Chen Hang, the former vice president of Alibaba Group and CEO of Dingtalk, has successfully launched its innovative world's first true wireless light earbuds GPods in north America market. Packed with the unique sized charging case and the 2 earbuds, the GPods already delivers the most captivating ‘DARE TO SHINE’ experience with the consumers, allowing them to stand out among the mass audience, which creates the most rewarding experience yet.

The first thing you'll notice about HHOGene's GPods is the beaming light. Their digital light control functions are the main highlight of this revolutionary product. They offer the option to change colors according to preference, mode and outfits, as well as the shape and design, which are very different from any other wireless headphones in the market, those are more like the replicas or followers of the Apple Airpods, only offer a very basic earbuds experience.

What has made the HHOGene GPods so different?

The Inspiration from Water

The GPods charging case is inspired by the ripple of water which well represents the flexible beauty. Water as a universal language is the main concept of HHO, the parent company of HHOGene. They hope to design this shape of charging case to express their goals of pursuing "fun" and "happiness" while enriching the world just like water. Nothing is as soft and flexible as water and yet nothing can resist it. HHOGene recognizes the spirit of water which is why they based on it to make an exclusive GPods charging case.

The Digital Light Control with APP

HHOGene has developed a software system to control the lighting mode of the headset through digital technology, which can adjust the brightness/rhythm/color of the light, and realize the color selection of photos and one-key switching of various lighting modes. Just download the light control app “HHOGene” from their website or App store, you can enjoy a dynamic level of audio visualization with colorful sound waves bouncing up and down as you play your favorite songs.

Inside the GPods, it is equipped with 6 built-in LED lights in the full-on red-green-blue (RGB) spectrum, so that you can explore 300,000 color combinations that built on a foundation of 72 basic colors. With these algorithmic controls, the color of each LED changes to match the music, the beat, and the groove, the color and music blend for a knockout light show, night or day. Personal preferences are strongly encouraged. Choose the right shade for the right mood. The true light earbuds in the world, shine at any time. To take it even further, the brand went beyond basic earbuds functions and features to make shells for the GPods. You can choose from the official shell selections or design by yourself, this is another way HHOGene made to allow people to make their own unique earbuds with GPods.

Seldom wireless bluetooth earbuds come with a companion app, with all tweaking done through the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device. For this reason alone, users should steer clear of the normal earbuds because they will miss out on a lot of the features and functionality that specifically offered by GPods.

HHOGene has put much effort into producing well-designed and high-performance earbuds, in this case, they have already amazed the market.

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