GPods Product Review

Hello friends,

A while ago, we promised to share with you our experience when testing the latest sample of GPods.

1. The sound was the first thing to be tested. We played fast and slow music on high and low volumes to the result. I think all sounds were clear and crisp tones with any kind of music and volume; the base is my personal favorite (Electronic music sounds great in GPods). The great sound of GPods stays the same for both ios and Android devices.

2. The beats (rhythmic modes) are very smooth. We talked about this in our latest update. The light on the earbuds moves in a well-defined wavy way depending on which music you are listening to.

3. Great automatic change. I used the app to change the colors on the GPods and observed the transition. Whenever I used the color wheel, color capture, or custom themes, the colors would appear automatically on the earbuds with very little delay.

4. The battery standard fits the previous description of "Keep the beat alive for up to 5 hours on a single charge, or up to 20 hours with an external charger". But it depends on how much you use the GPods. I used them less frequently than others, leaving me with more listening to my other colleagues. It all depends on personal use.

5. The GPods light effect is better now than in our last samples. The light is brighter and eye-catching than the one we had before. I am terrible at shooting, but you can refer to the video in this blog. We still need to modify the light, but the progress is encouraging.

I hope this small review gave you some much-needed information about our GPods.

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