GPods Shell Tales 004 - Street Art

Graffiti culture is a carnival of urban art, turning the gray walls of the city into a vibrant canvas. Originating in the early 20th century, graffiti initially witnessed the rebellious youth expressing themselves in the corners of the city. However, today, graffiti has evolved beyond rebellion; it has become a form of free artistic expression.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the graffiti movement flourished in the New York City subway, where artists began leaving unique marks in the form of tags inside train cars, marking the beginning of graffiti's significant role in urban culture.
Graffiti artists convey rich messages through their works, using abstract art on city walls or depicting social issues as expressions of independent perspectives. The spirit of graffiti culture combines nonconformity, independence, and individuality, utilizing the entire city as a canvas for creation.
Over time, graffiti art has become part of the international art scene, with some works showcased in museums and galleries, redefining the boundaries of traditional art. Graffiti culture is no longer marginalized; it is recognized and praised as a legitimate art form.
Graffiti culture represents a splash of vibrant color in the urban landscape, where creators freely soar amidst the gray city. It is the independent exploration of each graffiti artist into urban culture.

1.Break Dance

In the street corners of this city, the street dance floor is not only a dance venue, but also a stage for young people to pursue individuality and freedom. In the brightly lit night, street dancers express their desire for independent thinking and the pursuit of individuality through the unique melodies they create on the floor by waving their sweat. Each step of the dance is a unique language, as if telling the world that freedom is a melody that every soul longs to pursue.


Graffiti artists have turned this urban space into a temple of their creativity. Each graffiti is an independent declaration of individuality and freedom. The colorful graffiti paintings are like a vivid flag, flashing in the city's greyness, proclaiming that everyone has the right to express themselves and pursue unique colors in life.


In one corner of the city, you'll find an alley dotted with graffiti, where street performers express their deepest desires for freedom through their creativity. This is not only a place for artistic creation, but also a place for individuality and freedom of spirit.

4.Future Space

The future street space has become a crystallization of individuality and free spirit. Street dance, graffiti art, free paradise, they are not isolated elements, but together construct the unique street culture of this city. Every dance and every graffiti tells a story of individuality and freedom.

In the street's haven of heroes, a group of young people express their individuality through unique dances and graffiti. In this free space, they unleash the spirit of independence, creating their own urban legend. The street has become a fearless showcase of authenticity.

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