GPods Shell Tales 007 - Forbidden City

The Forbidden City, the ancient imperial palace, is one of the world's largest and best-preserved traditional architectural complexes. Over the course of 600 years, it has withstood the test of time, bearing witness to the vast history of China and serving as a cultural treasure trove with unparalleled historical heritage. We hope to explore the mysterious and solemn beauty of the imperial palace with you.


The wintersweet has deep roots in Chinese culture, symbolizing the resilience and perseverance of winter with its pure and fragrant aroma. The elegance of the wintersweet not only adds charm to the Forbidden City but also symbolizes the perpetual inheritance of culture.


The meticulous court etiquette in the Forbidden City mirrors ancient China's deep regard for rituals. This enduring spirit, seen within palace halls, passes down the rich heritage of traditional Chinese ceremonial culture to future generations.


The Forbidden City's architecture epitomizes ancient Chinese mastery, with a remarkable aura. Meticulously designed palaces and well-structured pavilions showcase ancient architects' superb skills, demonstrating precise spatial control and a distinctive aesthetic pursuit.


Forbidden City's roofs, blending traditional woodwork and intricate carvings, symbolize Chinese culture, embodying historical richness and ancient architectural wisdom.

Forbidden City culture, a grand epic of prosperity in red and yellow, embodies millennia of wisdom, etiquette, art, and humanity. Each brick and tile is a testament to time, inviting us to savor this splendid history.

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