GPods Shell Tales 002 - Azure Dragon

In ancient Chinese tales, the dragon embodies a powerful guardian revered for bestowing good fortune and warding off negativity. This legendary creature has evolved into a symbol representing the essence of majesty and sanctity within Chinese culture.

We aspire for the dragon's presence to bestow blessings and protective energies upon those who embrace it.
As we enter the New Year, four mythical dragons - Storms of Zeus, Euphoria, Cloud Rider, and Cirrus - converge to craft an exquisite narrative. Their union signifies a profound philosophy, advocating the courage to authentically be yourself.

The Storms of Zeus


In the canvas of the New Year's sky, Storms of Zeus unfurl their wings, embodying the essence of fearlessness. It teaches us to courageously move forward in the face of change and challenges, becoming a steadfast beacon in the cosmic storm.


Euphoria's dragon of happiness, like a gentle spring breeze, brings warmth and joy into the New Year. It serves as a gentle reminder that true happiness isn't found in
external riches or acclaim, but rather in the inner harmony and jubilation we cultivate. In the new year, let's follow the guidance of the dragon of happiness and pursue inner joy.

Cloud Rider

The Cloud Rider, representing the dragon of uniqueness, shows her unique beauty with resplendent wings and shimmering scales. She encourages us to believe in our unique beauty, dare to be ourselves, and radiate our own brilliance. In the new year, let's chase our dreams guided by the dragon of uniqueness.


Cirrus, the dragon of freedom spreads its wings and soars. It reminds us that the new year is a time to pursue freedom and chasing the blue sky that our hearts long for. Cirrus' flight symbolizes the pursuit of freedom, teaching us to break free from constraints and pursue freedom from within.

As we step into the New Year, let's embrace the blessings of these four dragons and courageously embrace our true selves. Let's face challenges without fear, seek joy, celebrate our uniqueness, and soar towards our desired freedom. United by the philosophy of fearless authenticity, let's greet the New Year and inscribe a fresh chapter in our unique stories.

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