HHOGene GPods earbuds with unique light control & distinctive design launched for $169

HHOGene has launched its innovative true wireless light earbuds, the GPods. The HHOGene GPods comes with a distinctive design, unique light controls, and TWS functionality. The tech brand says the GPods will deliver the most captivating “DARE TO SHINE” experience for its users. This will allow them to stand out and create the most rewarding wearable experience.

HHOGene was founded by former vice president of Alibaba Group, Chen Hang, who says the GPods’ artistic and elegant designs were focused on the young generation. It affords greater color and zest to Gen Z, the most active segment of the population in advanced technologies and unique products. The brand says that every pair of GPods brings an independent spirit resonating with a beating heart, combining panoramic light control with high-quality sound.

The GPods have an excellent lighting mode controlled by the HHOGene software system. It can adjust the brightness/ rhythm/ color of the light and switch to various lighting modes in one key. The HHOGene app can be downloaded from the App store or directly from the HHOGene website. The GPods provide a dynamic audio experience with colorful sound waves as you enjoy your favorite music. There are 6 built-in LED lights on the GPods with a full-on RGB spectrum of 300,000 color combinations and 72,000 basic color options.

The GPods use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to achieve color photo recognition, analyzing the color ratios in photos. The app can automatically analyze a photo, sort each pixel point, calculate color blocks and project the transformed light in a colorful style on each earbud. The buds also support active noise cancelation (ANC) combined with feed-forward technology that reduces sound to 25dB. The GPods come with 10mm dynamic drivers that deliver HD audio. The earbuds have a polymer composite diaphragm to attract the finest musical points. The earbuds support Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, are rated IPX4, and have a 600mAh charging case.

The GPods are compatible with input devices with iOS 10,0/ Android 6.0 and later. The device is fully charged in under 1.5 hours. The stylish GoPods will retail at $169. You can get more details from the brand’s website.

Article Source: https://www.gizmochina.com/2022/09/23/hhogene-gpods-earbuds-unique-light-control-distinctive-design-launched

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