HHOGene GPods: New Rising"SHEIN" In the Earbuds World

Speaking of SHEIN, nowadays most of the young people know it, it has raised to $100 billion in value, making it one of the biggest and richest fashion companies on earth. This Chinese fast fashion retailer is set to be bigger than H&M and Zara.

Leaving aside their precise marketing model, their success has been attributed to fast product turn-around, wide variety, localization, and forecasting consumer demand. However, to make these happen, it is all because of their powerful "flexible supply chain" system, now, another rising brand, HHOGene GPods, that also well understands the way of flexible manufacturing, is increasingly becoming the new "SHEIN" in the TWS earbuds world. GPods are the world's first light earbuds that enable you to experience over 300,000 color combinations. They achieved $50,000 within 1.5 hours on Indiegogo this May and sold out 1000 limited edition GPods Premium Set within 2 hours on November 1st after its official launch. GPods have already set the North American market on fire.

Is it because of their unique lighting functions? Yes, but also no.

They provide not only the thematic lighting experience, but also color customization through "Color Palette" function. You can also take a photo to generate the colors from it with the "Color Capture" function.

But the most imaginative part is their earbuds shells, this makes GPods even more unique and varied, by now they already have numerous thematic shells including "The Original Shells","The World Cup Shells","The Wednesday Shells", and so on, these GPods shells are so popular that they are planning to launch 1,000 shells every month and 10,000 thematic shells in a year.

Well, thanks to their powerful "flexible supply chain" system making it possible to customize from dozens of small quantities to thousands of large quantities demands. Now they are offering the year end flash sale, for any of the launched GPods shells, you can get it at only $1, save up to 95%, that's crazy, but of course, they have the guts.

Overall, it's a very impressive company and ahead of the time in terms of their business model, it not about what they sell, but more about how they sell.

Article Source:https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/hhogene-gpods-new-risingshein-in-the-earbuds-world-301710114.html

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