HHOGene GPods Shine at 7sGood POPUP in FUKUOKA

HHOGene, HHO's tech brand, recently showcased their groundbreaking product, GPods, at the exclusive 7sGood POPUP in FUKUOKA. This highly anticipated event created a buzz among Japanese fashion-forward individuals alike. HHOGeneGPods, with their innovative features and striking lighting design, stole the spotlight at the popup exhibition, captivating attendees and leaving a lasting impression.

It is a popular TWS digital earbuds with "light" as the starting point, which creates impressive smart hardware products with emotional designs. In addition to winning second place in the amount of support for earphones in 2022 on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, it has gained popularity by winning the Reddot Design Award, and has exceeded 300,000 units sold worldwide.

HHOGene GPods x HHOGene

Unleash Your Unique Soul with GPods

The GPods have gained significant attention worldwide for their exceptional feature: light control. HHOGene's ingenious integration of light technology allows users to express their individuality like never before. Through the dedicated app, users can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns to match their preferences, creating a mesmerizing visual experience that harmonizes with their unique personality and style.

Innovative Design and Unparalleled Comfort

With a focus on emotional design, HHOGene has seamlessly blended technology and aesthetics to create the GPods. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these earbuds boast a sleek and ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable fit for prolonged usage. The GPods effortlessly become an extension of your style, enhancing your overall fashion statement.

Recognition and Acclaim

The GPods have garnered significant recognition in the audio industry. HHOGene's launch of the GPods, as the world's first TWS earbuds with light control, made waves, as highlighted in the press release by PR Newswire. Yanko Design also lauded the GPods for their ability to let users' unique souls shine through the light control feature. Additionally, KnowTechie provided an in-depth review, praising the GPods' light earbuds and overall performance.

For more information about HHOGene GPods, please visit www.hhogene.com


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