HHOGene GPods, An Earbuds with Light, But Not Just Light

Since the HHOGene GPods crowdfunding was launched, people have been constantly asking why we made this light earbuds - HHOGene GPods. In fact, to explain this problem need to go back to more than one year ago. The initial starting point is actually "light", not "TWS Bluetooth earbuds".

The light bulb was the first revolution in the history of human lighting. People usually think Edison invented the electric light bulb, in fact, in 1854, the American Henry Goebbels used a carbonized bamboo wire, placed in a vacuum glass bottle to energize light. And in 1880, Edison's charcoal bamboo wire light bulb had successfully maintained for 1200 hours in the laboratory. Edison's invention of the incandescent lamp. In 1904, General Electric invented three times stronger bamboo filament lamp tungsten filament lamp, which began in 1907 and has been used since then.

The second revolution in the history of human lighting came with the development of LEDs. LED is a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it. In 1962, Nick Holonyak Jr. of General Electric (GE) developed the visible LED. However, LEDs really took off in the 1990s when Shuji Nakamura of Nichia Chemical Industries Ltd. in Japan made a major breakthrough in gallium nitride (GaN) research in 1994 and 1995, resulting in blue LEDs. LED technology breakthrough, white LED formally launched the era of a wide range of LED applications.

The tools of lighting have undergone numerous changes to get to where they are today. From torches, animal oil lamps, vegetable oil lamps, candles, and kerosene lamps to incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and decorative lamps to the current intelligent lighting, the human ability to control light is constantly progressing and developing. The reason for the rapid development of lighting and non-stop changes in the past few years, it can be said that the main reason is the development of digitization. And that's why we want to apply this digital light control technology to the TWS earbuds, which is already a blue ocean, and we hope to make our light earbuds, HHOGene GPods stand out through this differentiated technology and tremendous design. We wish all people can personalize not only their experience but also their accessories to show off their personality and style, dare to shine.

TWS earbuds like Apple's AirPods have become a common accessory in people's daily lives. While different brands try to stand out in their designs, most Bluetooth earbuds have the same basic shape, or at least the same standard color options. But that's not enough, the demand and pursuit for earbuds doesn't stop there. HHOGene GPods, the world's first TWS bluetooth earbuds with light control, just as mankind is pursuing digital light control, so are we progressing for light control on earbuds. We revere every advancement in science and technology. We pay tribute to the crazy, rebellious, independent-minded geniuses who push the boundaries of technology.

Dare to shine, shine where you are, shine what you see, shine what you feel.

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