How to choose a bluetooth headphones?

The purpose of this review is to tell you which true wireless Bluetooth headphones are cost-effective. But then, each of us has different needs for Bluetooth headphones (GPods, Airpods,...), the pursuit of different features. So before starting the review content, first briefly introduce the details of Bluetooth headset purchase need to pay attention to.

The existing Bluetooth headset on the market, wear the way there are headset, neck hanging (hanging neck type), ear hanging, semi-in-ear, in-ear. True wireless Bluetooth headset to semi-in-ear, in-ear type of these two main. Semi-in-ear type because the headset and ear canal contact point is outside, wearing will be relatively comfortable. In-ear type because of the contact point in the ear canal inside, and in order to seal the need to match the ear cap, headset gravity, ear cap pressure on the ear canal, wear easy to cause swelling in the ear feeling.

Ear canal is easy to sensitive, once had otitis media partners, less recommended to choose in-ear headphones.

Bluetooth headset, especially true wireless Bluetooth headset, its portability makes the use of a variety of scenarios. Commuting, Internet class, office, sports, games and so on, its figure can be seen everywhere. Before buying, they should first sort out their daily use of the main scene, use, focus on the selection. Such as commuting-oriented, need active noise cancellation, easy to control, high call quality; such as a long time to wear the Internet class, need to wear comfortable; such as sports-oriented, need to resist wind noise, wear stable, waterproof; such as games-oriented, need low latency.

An additional point, the headset for running, it is not recommended to choose in-ear, most of them will have a "stethoscope" effect.

Bluetooth headset noise cancellation. There are two kinds of active noise cancellation and passive noise cancellation. Passive noise cancellation is also called physical noise reduction, which refers to the physical isolation caused by the sealing of the earbuds, thus blocking part of the noise. And now popularly said that the Bluetooth headset noise cancellation ability, usually refers to active noise cancellation. Active noise cancellation is through the microphone cell phone noise, was generated by the inverse acoustic waves to offset the noise of the way to achieve noise reduction, the principle here will not expand the introduction. Active noise cancellation is divided into feed-forward, feed-back, composite. The difference is the collection of noise microphones inside and outside the headset, or both inside and outside. Entry-level active noise cancellation headphones, most of the front-feed type, and excellent noise reduction are compound (dual-feed type).

A pair of headphones with active noise cancellation function, usually with the noise reduction depth of this parameter to describe the noise reduction strength. But the data is only data, the actual noise cancellation ability or the actual experience shall prevail.

Waterproof level IPX4 can be splash-proof, meaning that the splash of water does not affect, rather than not into the water. IPX6 level can be achieved by the water spray, the internal water does not enter.

Daily running, cycling, choose IPX4, IPX5 waterproof grade is enough, swimming recommended to choose IPX8 waterproof grade.

Bluetooth headset has a delay because the audio signal through the encoding, transmission, decoding process leads to. Mainstream video sites are optimized for Bluetooth devices to do latency, now more important to the delay, or the game user-oriented. Headset manufacturers, in order to better meet the game users, the mainstream approach is to increase the game mode to the product, by way of compressed audio to reduce headset latency.

The game is the main, it is recommended to choose the Bluetooth headset with game mode.

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