How We Chose Our Unique Colors?

☆If you were one of our team members, how would you select which colors will go on the GPods?☆

Yesterday in our Facebook global launch group, we discussed how a product manager chooses unique features for a new product.

For HHOGene, we used digital light control features of GPods to allow people to fulfill their desire to express themselves. As a result, we promised to share how we as HHOGene chose unique colors for GPods.

First of all, the light on earbuds is influenced by different electrical elements from those that influence computers.

That's why we always need to test every color on GPods to see the real appearance and optimize each color code and its category.

GPods colors are generated by a digital program, so we can get millions of different colors.

Among the many colors, we started with more than 1300 colors for debugging different colors on GPods, as well as color reclassification and coding.

Why test so many colors? Because the correctness of these thousand colors determines the ability of GPods to show the color from the photo more accurately.

At the same time, our team also carefully selected 72 basic colors to form a color wheel for people to choose colors directly.

GPods is the first brand to achieve such a lighting effect on earbuds.

You can check more details about GPods at

In the future, we plan to have more color options from our digital program to optimize our digital light control features.

We also would like to remind you that we are still collecting pictures that might appear in our branding video and our APP. The display will be very quick so don't worry about being the center of the whole visual effect. Sending your pictures is optional but it would mean a lot to us if you did: Form to fill.

We hope our loyal fans will join us on our next journey.

Have a nice day,

HHOGene Team

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