LKK jointly launch the world's first TWS earbuds with light control Gpods with HHOGene

HHOGene is a startup founded in June 2021. The founder Chen Hang is the former president of Alibaba DingTalk, an office communication software with 5million users and 17 million organization applications.

LKK has been working with the DingTalk team since its establishment. Organizations with the DingTalk application offer direct access to LKK design, development, and supply chain service. This time, LKK works with the team again to launch the world's first TWS earbuds with light control - Gpods.

We adopt an innovative buckle scheme, attach the accessories to the body of the earbuds, separate the in-ear speaker unit and the shell control unit, and realize the personalized display of the earbuds on sound quality. By replacing accessories, we can easily change the fashion accessories of different styles, which is more economical and can effectively meet the needs of consumers for different appearances and function substitution.

In the quest for an optimum light experience, we spent more than a year plotting design schemes. Five iterations were devised, along with 8 versions of interchangeable accessories. Finally, we achieved an overall uniform and digital lighting effect unlike any other experience.

Gpods use the AI Algorithm to analyze the color proportion of each picture. Organize the color of each pixel and calculate the color block formed by your picture. These color patches eventually become light and appear on earbuds. We incorporate digital technology to manage 6 built-in LED lights in the full-on red-green-blue (RGB) spectrum. With these algorithmic controls, the color of each LED changes to match the music, the beat, and the groove.

The hardware configuration of Gpods is high. It has 20 hours of battery life, IPX4 water resistance, an in-ear detection sensor, and 10 minutes of fast charging for 2 hours of listening.

The product is live on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo for 1 month starting on 17th May 2022. View the campaign NOW.

After crowdfunding, the product will start tooling, and takes 1 month to complete trial production and mass production. The 1st batch will be shipped out in Aug 2022.

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