Pioneering the Perfect Sound: Mr. MouseQuake's GPods Journey

In the early days of our journey at HHOGene, when our brand was just a whisper in the vast world of audio technology, one pioneer stood out among the first believers – MouseQuake from the United States of America. November 2022 marked the beginning of GPods deliveries and MouseQuake became the face of our journey, the first to share a photo proudly donning our innovative RGB earbuds.

A true trailblazer, MouseQuake's trust in our brand during the crowdfunding stage was pivotal. At a time when trust was low, he was among the few who recognized our potential and placed an order for GPods. His early adoption played a crucial role in shaping the foundation of our community, setting the stage for what would become an incredible success story.

What makes MouseQuake's journey with GPods remarkable is not just his role as an early adopter but his active involvement in our product's evolution. A true audiophile with a passion for quality sound, he became a driving force behind one of the most significant enhancements to GPods – the EQ chart. He used his vast knowledge and experience as a sound engineer to assess the sound quality and EQ performance of GPods. “At the end of the day, the sound matters more than design and aesthetics”, he said during one of our meetings.

In the early stages, GPods offered users a choice of four preset EQ options. However, it was MouseQuake's brilliant suggestion that led to the development of an EQ chart, allowing users to fine-tune and customize their audio experience according to their unique preferences. This innovative feature has since become a cornerstone of the GPods experience, thanks to the visionary input of MouseQuake.

Together, we are working to push the boundaries of audio technology, all while keeping our community at the forefront of our innovations.
As we celebrate MouseQuake's pivotal role in the GPods story, we extend our deepest gratitude to him and all our early supporters. Your trust, insights, and commitment are the driving forces behind our pursuit of audio excellence.

At HHOGene, we hold our customers' feedback in the highest regard. Collaborating with our customers in the co-creation of our products adds an extra layer of fulfillment to our journey. Stay tuned as we continue this extraordinary journey, breaking barriers and setting new standards, with MouseQuake and all our cherished customers by our side.

HHOGene – Pioneering the Future of Sound.

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  • José Carapia

    Muy buenos, me gustaron mucho… 10 de 10…calida. presentación y sobre todo los colores.. Me agrado…

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