The 4 Best Earbuds of 2023

I always carry my own headphones on a daily basis, mainly because of their adaptability with Apple phones and excellent noise cancellation. As for the Internet about upgrading the firmware noise reduction is not very good, I personally feel that the difference is not obvious.

Apple H1 chip, simple adaptation with Apple phones, transparent mode natural. Sound quality, known as white water sound quality, in fact, the performance is quite good, the three frequency balance, can be suitable for most people's listening style.

Reason: strong noise reduction, Apple ecological adaptation is good

If you are not in a particular hurry and want low prices and reliable sources, we recommend starting with the Jingdong digital overseas self-supporting area. The source of goods by the Jingdong international regulatory system, 100% overseas authentic, point the card below can go directly to see.

Android phone users, consider the issue of functional expansion, less recommended.

Sennheiser's third generation of true wireless products, compared to the generation, the second generation in the sound quality, wearing experience have been significantly improved, but also optimize the previous prevalence of life, call problems, and again within 2000 yuan, is worth pursuing the sound quality of the partners to follow. However, the delay is still not optimized. If you buy it to wear when playing games, then I suggest you change the option. Of course, watching video is no problem.

Overall sound quality, low-frequency dive better, the response is smooth, accurate performance; mid-frequency natural, accuracy is also very good; high-frequency accuracy is slightly less than the low-frequency performance, treble less concave, but the details are not worried. Senkai true wireless 3 sound quality, in the 2000 yuan is really this good competitive advantage.

Noise reduction, a significant improvement over the previous generation, adaptive ANC system can be adjusted according to your surrounding noise environment, the response speed is quite fast, noise reduction effect is mainly reflected in the low and medium frequency band, the high frequency band noise reduction is more general, this performance is not as good as Sony WF-1000XM4.

Continuity, calls, touch performance are quite normal, wearing experience is not excellent, but better than the XM4.

In general, the sound quality is the main, taking into account the need for noise cancellation, it is worth recommending.

GPods enable over 300,000 color variations using its in-built chip and self-developed HHOGene program, in addition to four other lighting modes: ripple, pulse, bright, and breath. When playing your favorite music, you can take pleasure in the audio visualization, which has vibrant sound waves that move back and forth.

To experience the color capture feature and color palette, download the HHOGene app. Take a photo or select one from your album, and the algorithm will then extract the colors from the image and present them on the earphones. You may choose how you want to describe colors.

Can you stand wearing a single set of earbuds every day that all look the same? No!

To accomplish customised display, GPods cleverly utilise the snap-on solution on the earbuds and developed customizable GPods Shells. This gives you a different sensation of freshness and makes wearing GPods more fashionable. The shells can be changed at any time!

The first product from HHOGene, a leading technology company under HHO Inc., is GPods. HHOGene is committed to digitalizing supply chains and assisting reputable manufacturers in creating powerful brands for international trade. Mr. Chen Hang, a former vice president of Alibaba and the current CEO of DingTalk, one of the world's leading digital collaboration tools with over 500 million users and over 17 million businesses served, established it.

No matter where you are, you have a "light" that belongs to you, much like GPods dare to shine, according to HHOGene, who firmly thinks that everyone is a unique existence.

Freebuds Pro2 was launched two years after Freebuds Pro. The upgrade is quite a lot. For example, in the sound quality. The original Freebuds Pro low-frequency sound quality was more general, and even a little mixed, but after the upgrade of Freebuds Pro2, the overall sound quality has been improved, the low frequency is obviously cleaner, the vocals are more delicate. Configurations also support LDAC, HWA audio decoding.

With Huawei terminals, you can experience spatial audio, but this spatial audio and Apple's experience have a little gap, depending on personal terminal choice.

Noise reduction is certainly good, intelligent dynamic noise reduction switching speed is fast, noise reduction comfort is also very high.

Support dual-Device connection, Huawei terminals can be freely switched between, excellent call noise cancellation, and strong battery life.

Overall, it is a very good overall performance of the Bluetooth headset, recommended Huawei system users choose, wearing comfort in general.

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