The 5 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds of 2023

The sound quality of the earbuds is directly proportional to the price. If your budget is less than $150, you should focus on connection stability and choose earbuds with features or designs suitable for your usage scenario. And since everyone's ear canal is shaped differently, earbuds offer a different listening and wearing experience for each user, so our recommendations can only be used as a guide, but if you get the chance, listen to them personally. I really felt the sound in the earbuds.

A single lifespan of 6 hours, plus the charging compartment supports wireless charging for 18 hours. The charging port is Type-C and supports wireless charging. Waterproof performance is IP

These earbuds are considered very good noise canceling earbuds. Support 0-10 level noise reduction depth switch, the actual noise reduction effect is very good. Ad page introduction is comparable to earbuds noise reduction. This is really true. I want to buy a very good noise reduction effect earbuds can take this into account, and the effect of words can understand the offline shop experience.Support pass-through mode, support wearing shark fins Very sturdy and comfortable to wear. Bluetooth 5.1 compatible, good stability.

Battery life is 9 hours for a single run plus 24 hours in the charging compartment. The charging port is a lighting port, which is very convenient for Apple users. The waterproof performance is IPX4, so it can be used for sweaty sports.

Suitable for:

Apple users looking for sports and sound quality

In-ear design with non-slip ear hooks to keep you from dropping your sport. Both earbuds have volume and track control buttons and support voice control so you can control them from your device. Bass performance is good, and the sound quality is a little better than Apple's in-house son.There's no active noise cancellation. This is likely due to the need to remain aware of the external environment while exercising and ensure safety during exercise. It is one that is suitable for those who want a more sporty performance in their earbuds.

GPods are equipped with polymer composite diaphragm and 10mm drivers to enhance the dynamics and transients to extract more sound details. AAC high-definition audio coding technology deeply optimizes the sound depth and gives a sense of presence, and spatial sense with professional tuner multiple tuning. GPods have IPX4 water resistance, which means they are protected against sweat and splashing water from any angle. You can connect with the HHOGene APP to control the light on & off function, the colors, the rhythm modes, etc. A unique software system allows full control of emanating light. Dimness, brightness, rhythm response, shades, and colors are at beck and call through digital technology built into every GPods. You can enjoy the audio visualization with colorful sound waves jumping up and down when playing your favorite music.

HHOGene has a reputation for being a high-end brand that offers superior products. Due to their quality and unique light control feature, the HHOGene GPods brand is on the rise. You can download the HHOGene app to have full control of the auricular. With this App, you can see the charge status of all the batteries and update the firmware if necessary. Using this app you can change the lighting colors with a series of pre-defined styles, and you can also use your own image or take a photo to change the lighting of the earbuds with your own content. It is also possible to change the movement of the lighting with four types of effect. From the app you can activate the ANC modes up to 25Db, with active, transparent and off. In a word, the app is such like effective and integrated. It has Bluetooth 5.2, total usage of 20 hours with the case, full RGD LEDs, and many more.

Living alone 7 hours (5. 5 hours with noise canceling on) and 31 hours in the charging case. The charging port is Type-C, wireless charging is supported, and the waterproof rating is IPX4.

Suitable for:

Those who want to wear (fit deep into the ear) and talk

The Jabra is very stable to wear and won't fall off easily during sports. Bluetooth 5.0 and AAC codec mode, sound quality is not bad. You can adjust his EQ in the app, although it tends to be more bass tuning and fatter. 3 microphone noise reduction, 5 levels of noise reduction, the call effect is clear, and the call only supports correct monophonic calls.

Jabra doesn't have to worry about call clarity. Along with a passthrough mode that lets you connect two devices at once, it recognizes wear and stops music when you remove it. The headset is small and delicate, with a half-open + 3 pressure relief holes, which can relieve the pressure on the ears when wearing and make the wearing more comfortable. Battery life is also good, and it can be used for about 31 hours with a once-a-week charge. The overall score for this model is high, with a business-like look and sleek, refined sound quality, feel, and calls.

It lasts 8 hours in a single session (5 hours playing with noise canceling on) and 29 hours on the charging dock (18 hours with noise canceling on). The charging port is Type-C and supports wireless charging. Waterproof IPX7.

AKG tuning, ample resolution, very impressive sound quality, clear and airy high frequencies, deep and structured low frequencies, 360-degree audio algorithms and Dolby head tracking technology combine to make the sound action more synchronized. , immersion in music with a strong sense. There are many experiences that feel more intimate when used. Automatically switch the headset from noise canceling mode to ambient noise mode when it detects that the wearer is speaking, then back to noise canceling mode after a period of time. Ambient noise also reduces media volume and improves listening effectiveness. 3-microphone noise cancellation, the degree of noise cancellation is measured to be better than the previous generation. It is also perfect for wind noise, so it is recommended for those who use it outdoors frequently.

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