The Antenna Story of GPods


We still remember when we got the initial version of the antenna scheme. Our R&D team said, "This is a work of art!"

However, in the eyes of our product manager, it was a disaster. The curved and winding circle alignment was a bit special but seriously affected the light effect.

Light effect affects the space in GPods light bean and makes light transmission and uniformity even harder.

So the antenna, which is a proven component in conventional headphones, also seems particularly difficult.

We gave up on the FPC antenna in the program because the alignment didn't match, and we also gave up on the LDS antenna because the light transmission was poor.

We finally chose the upgraded LAP process antenna in the uniform light parts to achieve a thin antenna around the curve. This allowed us to meet 30m pull distance in a 360-degree direction and 15m sound without interruption.

Who said art should be hard to understand? Great inventions can also be simple.

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