The Best True Wireless Earbuds 2023

We know that products must be iterated continuously. The reason why people still have doubts about whether wired headphones are obsolete. Bluetooth headphones are not yet a complete replacement for wired earbuds. But when someone asks this question, it means that Bluetooth headphones have really firmly established themselves in the market.

Compared with wired earbuds, bluetooth headphones have inherent defects in audio transmission, but because of their easy portability, easy storage, and active noise reduction effects, they are deeply loved by consumers and have become the mainstream of headphones.

Bluetooth headphone uses Bluetooth instead of wired for audio transmission. Bluetooth headphone is mainly composed of charging module, battery module, Bluetooth transmission module, audio module, call module, status light and housing.

headphone Bluetooth headphone, half in-ear Bluetooth headphone, in-ear Bluetooth headphone, ring-neck Bluetooth headphone, bone conduction Bluetooth headphone. Influenced by the Apple AirPods series. Now the true wireless Bluetooth earbuds are the most popular type of Bluetooth headphone among all types. True wireless earbuds are lighter and more convenient than other types of Bluetooth headphones.

Now there are countless companies started to make TWS earbuds. There are all kinds of earbuds in the market. This article summarizes the TWS earbuds that will be on sale in 2022. Recommended best true wireless earbuds 2023.

This year's most powerful noise cancellation is not AirPods pro 2. Apple's flagship tws headphones AirPods Pro2 generation launched after three years. In such a competitive TWS headset market, dare 3 years to change the generation, I am afraid that only Apple.

This generation of AirPods Pro2 at the time of the launch, compared to the previous generation of noise cancellation to improve 2 times. The actual test results in addition to the very low frequency and very high frequency, the overall full-band noise reduction performance is at least 2 times that of the previous generation, part of the band noise reduction performance is 4 times (12dB) or more than the previous generation. It can be said to be perverted strong. Significantly improve the relatively weak high-frequency noise reduction effect of the previous generation, and still in the mid-frequency noise reduction has considerable improvement. Personally, I speculate that this is the new noise reduction algorithm, after all, if it is still the old algorithm, relying solely on improving the consistency of the unit is not possible to bring so much improvement.

The new product after 3 years does not disappoint. I don't think the active noise cancellation capability of Apple AirPods pro 2 will be surpassed for some time.

sony in this year's launch of this LinkBuds S. The LinkBuds series is not Sony's best flagship series of Bluetooth headphones. If you've followed Sony's launches before, you'll know that three months ago Sony kicked off the series with LinkBuds as its first fully open-ended true wireless earbuds, and the latest addition to the series is LinkBuds S - an in-ear true wireless earbuds that's comfortable but also wants to provide "strong noise cancellation". S stands for Silence, Seamless and Superior sound.

The weight of a single earbud is only 4.8 grams, the lightest TWS earbuds ever made by Sony.

The integrated processor V1 chip in a SiP package, combined with a 5mm sound unit and a micro battery make for an ultra-small size.

Maximum noise isolation in comfort. As we said at the beginning, the LinkBuds series is designed to be "non-sensory" anyway, and the ultimate noise cancellation experience also means that comfort will be affected, so the LinkBuds S will not be so powerful in noise cancellation. But its noise cancellation is still not worse than Sony's predecessor products. The LinkBuds S has a newly designed external microphone, which can better access the external sound source information, and combined with the internal chip, it can achieve very low latency sound, which I think may be the first tier level in the Android camp.

These earbuds, really, do both comfort and good noise cancellation, and offer a lower price than the flagship product. The price/performance ratio is quite good.

These earbuds are the biggest surprise I found in 2022, HHOGene is an emerging headphone brand from China and GPods is their first product. It's a headphone that glows. The whole side of the earbuds is lightable.This light-emitting part is not just a simple glow. HHOGene's unique app allows full control of the glow. This light-emitting part can even be set separately for the glowing color. GPods support over 300,000 color combinations. In addition to the light-emitting feature, these earbuds are also designed with a replaceable shell. This shell can be installed on top of the light-emitting part. The shell has a variety of patterns. With the DIY color light of the earbuds. Can be said to be an absolutely unique earbuds.

A single charge can last up to 5 hours. When using both the lighting effects and ANC system, the usage time is reduced to about 3 hours. GPods can be charged quickly and can be used for about 2 hours on a 10 minute charge.

In addition to the unique shape. In terms of hardware GPods also have a good performance. The earbuds use Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity.

In terms of sound quality. Achieves enough low frequencies, while making people feel warm. In terms of detail. The midrange is full and the coordination between vocals and background music is clear.

Coordination between vocals and background music. The high-frequency section is enhanced at 3K with clear, bright highs.

GPods also use Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology for excellent noise control. Reduces background sound levels by up to 25 dB.

Those who like to show off themselves and look cool. These earbuds are definitely your best choice for 2023.

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