The Story Of HHOGene GPods - The World's First Light Earbuds

Since the HHOGene GPods crowdfunding campaign, people have been constantly asking why they made these light earbuds - GPods.

To explain this, we need to go back to more than one year ago. Their initial starting point was actually "light" not "Bluetooth wireless earbuds". The light bulb was the first revolution in the history of human lighting.

The tools of lighting have undergone numerous changes to get to where they are today. From torches, animal oil lamps, vegetable oil lamps, candles, and kerosene lamps to incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and decorative lamps to the current intelligent lighting, the human ability to control light is constantly progressing and developing. The reason for the rapid development of lighting and non-stop changes in the past few years, it can be said that the main reason is the development of digitization.

As a company focusing on creating digital solutions, HHOGene saw the eveloution of the LED amrket as an oppurtunity to bring new tech products to the world. They applied digital light control technology to Bluetooth wireless earbuds in hope to bring their light earbuds. Under such a vision, GPods emerged through their unique design. They made it innovative enough to allow people to personalize not only their experience but also their accessories to show their personality, and style and dare to shine.

Bluetooth wireless earbuds like Apple's AirPods have become a common accessory in people's daily lives. While different brands try to stand out in their designs, most Bluetooth earbuds have the same basic shape, or at least the same standard color options. But that's not enough, the creativity and pursuit of change for earbuds can't stop there. GPods, the world's first Bluetooth wireless earbuds with light control, are just as mankind is pursuing digital light control.

The Inspiration from Water
The GPods charging case is inspired by the ripple of water which represents flexible beauty. Water as a universal language is the main concept of HHO, the parent company of HHOGene. They designed this shape of charging case to express their goals of pursuing "fun" and "happiness" while enriching the world just like water. Nothing is as soft and flexible as water and yet nothing can resist it. HHOGene recognizes the importance of water which is why they based on it to make an exclusive GPods charging case.

The Digital Light Control with APP
HHOGene has developed a software system to control the lighting mode of the headset through digital technology, which can adjust the brightness/rhythm/color and realize the color selection of photos and one-key switching of various lighting modes. Just download the light control app “HHOGene” from their website or App store and enjoy a dynamic level of audio visualization with colorful sound waves bouncing up and down as people play their favorite songs.

The HHOGene GPods are equipped with 6 built-in LED lights in the full-on red-green-blue (RGB) spectrum that allows people to explore 300,000 color combinations. With these algorithmic controls, the color of each LED changes to match the music, the beat, and the groove, the color, and music blend for a knockout light show, night or day. Personal preferences are strongly encouraged. Choose the right shade for the right mood. The true light earbuds in the world, shine at any time. To take it even further, the brand went beyond basic earbuds functions and features to make shells for the GPods. You can choose from the official shell selections or design by yourself. This is another way HHOGene made to allow people to make their unique earbuds with GPods.

Wireless earbuds rarely come with an app; most of them have all tweaking done through the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device. For this reason alone, users should steer clear of normal earbuds because they will miss out on a lot of the features and functionality that are specifically offered by HHOG GPods.

HHOGene reveres every advancement in science and technology. They pay tribute to the crazy, rebellious, independent-minded geniuses who push the boundaries of technology. Dare to shine, shine where you are, shine what you see, shine what you feel.

HHOGene is a flagship brand under HHO Inc., an innovative tech start-up dedicated to digitalizing the supply chain and helping quality manufacturers build strong brands in cross-border e-Commerce business.

The brand inspiration is originally from "light". Take "light" as the experience window of products, and explore how it interacts with products. Through continuous research on the digital ability of light, we will create smart hardware products with advanced technology through contemporary and functional design.

HHOGene used digital technology for the first time to create the world's first wireless earbuds GPods in a panoramic way. It used the app to realize personalized light control able to make up to 300,00 color combinations, which enables you to express yourself and your personality.

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