Through fire to become steel; HHOGene GPods

To make sure that HHOGene GPods became a reliable product, they had to go through several tests for validation.

HHOGene GPods went through a 70-degree temperature and 95% humidity environment storage for 48 hours, -40 degree temperature environment storage for 48 hours, -10 degree temperature working for 48 hours, a 55-degree temperature, and a 95% humidity environment working for 48 hours.

We also did a 70-degree temperature to -40 degree temperature cycle storage in 20 cycles, continuous 24 hours of salt spray, and then kept the GPods dry for 24 hours, from 1.8 meters of various angles, and dropped the GPods 20 times.

We tested them for waterproof on an IPX4 level, plugged and unplugged the charging case 10,000 times, and pushed and pulled the charging case cover 30, 000 times. We also closed and opened the charging case while removing the GPods and putting them back 20,000 times.

We went through all this to make sure the HHOGene GPods were strong enough to resist the pressure from being used in real life.

Our products do not speak, but the quality speaks for itself. A thousand hammers and refinements to become steel.

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