In the Future, What Kinds of the TWS Headset Innovations You Should Know?

In the past 5 years, Xiaomi, OPPO, Huawei, Honor, Samsung and other players have successively entered the market. At the beginning of 2022, OPPO and Honor launched new earphone products. Honor took out the world's first TWS earphone that supports temperature measurement and the world's first TWS earphone that supports 5C fast charging technology - Honor Earbuds 3 Pro. OPPO took out OPPO Enco X2 True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones. The market competition is in full swing but the popularity is still continuing.

According to the data of statista, in the United States, nearly 50% of surveyed American consumers have Apple AirPods or Beats headphones. Apple's AirPods accounted for the first market share (34.4%) whilst Apple's Beats by Dre accounted for the second (15.3%).

However, judging from the current situation of various manufacturers fighting, the TWS headset market is far from the time when the market pattern is settled. The question is, why are true wireless headphones so popular, and what innovative forms of products already there in 2022?

In consumer electronic products, the sports health monitoring function is an important development direction for smart wearable devices. At present, this function is mainly used in smart watches/bands that are in close contact with the human body. Heart rate, body temperature detection, sports data tracking and other functions.

In 2022, many TWS headphones have already began to add health assistance functions.

The way of wearing and using TWS earphone products also has the conditions of close contact with the human body, so it is possible to explore the application of sports health monitoring on TWS earphones.

In the recent news of Apple's new generation of AirPods Pro, it is equipped with an "ambient light sensor" to collect and analyze the wearer's inner ear data to detect the user's blood oxygen, heart rate, and body temperature, and it also support health tracking, paired with Apple's "Health" APP to continuously track changes in body data and provide early warnings for users' physical conditions.

In addition to sports health monitoring, TWS headsets also include types of hearing aids in the field of general health. Through the integration with hearing aid products, they are used to help users, including hearing people, get better hearing in specific scenarios. experience, classified as PSAPs (personal sound amplification devices) personal assistive hearing devices.

In 2021, the US FDA issued an executive proposal on consumer hearing aids, which will establish a new category of OTC hearing aids, skip the "prescription" of professional hearing aids, and allow consumers to buy or rent through the Internet, mail order and supermarkets. Hearing aid products. Therefore, to a certain extent, the functional definitions and sales channels of OTC hearing aids and hearing aids are extremely overlapping, but they are only subject to laws and regulations and have different business names.

In this context, based on the broad market of hearing-impaired people, light medical and general health directions such as hearing aids and OTC hearing aids may become the next development direction of TWS headphones. At present, many chip manufacturers and brand manufacturers have entered the market, or have begun to deploy the consumer hearing aid market.

The ANC function is a very important feature of TWS earphone that greatly improves the user experience. With the release of AirPods Pro equipped with ANC in 2019, TWS earphones have entered the era of noise reduction, and noise-cancelling headphones have gained widespread popularity. 90% of the top 20 most popular TWS earphone products in 2021 enables the ANC function.

In terms of appearance design of TWS earphone products, after a long period of development, each brand has its own characteristics. From the overall appearance, there are mainly four types: handle, bean, hanging ear and ear clip. According to the wearing method, it can be divided into three types: in-ear, semi-in-ear and open. Each shape and wearing method have its own advantages and disadvantages, and you need to choose according to your own preferences.

At present, the mainstream products in the market use a handle-shaped in-ear design to provide more space, carry more functional applications and larger capacity batteries, and bring better noise reduction effect. With the widespread popularity of TWS headphones and the increase of usage time, in order to achieve a more comfortable wearing effect, semi-in-ear products attracted the attention of a large number of users in 2021.

The open-type true wireless headphones are mostly designed with ear clips, which are fixed on the auricle, freeing both ears, further improving the comfort of long-term wearing, and improving the safety of outdoor usage, but also because of the open-type, it is more easily affected by the external environment, so that it is mainly used in relatively quiet scenes such as indoor entertainment, office, and outdoor sports.

In 2022, due to ANC and constantly enriched functional applications, TWS headphones will still be the mainstream in-ear headphones in terms of appearance, but semi-in-ear products will no longer be the label of low-end entry-level products. Based on wearing comfort, the brand will improve the experience of sound quality, call noise reduction, etc., and complement each other with in-ear noise-cancelling headphones. The optimal solution is that with the development of technology, semi-in-ear can also provide excellent noise reduction effect.

Voice call is the basic application of TWS headset, and it is also one of the functions with the most usage scenarios. In daily life, voice call scenarios are relatively complex, including subways, public transportation, restaurants, cafes, and office scenarios. Therefore, in order to ensure clear call effects and privacy protection, the call noise reduction function is especially important.

The call noise reduction is different from active noise reduction, which provides users with a noise-free immersive audio and video experience, but provides a clear voice call effect for the caller. At present, TWS headset products in the market are based on different hardware configurations such as single-mic, dual-mic, three-mic, and bone conduction. Noise reduction processing is performed corresponding to different call noise reduction algorithms. Through the cooperation of software and hardware, the effect of clear calls is achieved.

In terms of noise reduction algorithms, AI call noise reduction algorithms similar to the adaptive active noise reduction function have begun to be applied to mid-to-high-end products. Based on machine deep learning technology, a large number of noise data and human voice data in different scenarios are collected. The AI algorithm will automatically identify and separate the noise and human voice, so as to achieve a clear voice call effect. Therefore, based on the excellent experience of AI call noise reduction algorithm, a lot of TWS headset products in 2022 have already applied.

In terms of the interaction mode of TWS, the main solutions currently used include physical buttons, tapping, touch, and pressure control. On this basis, many products will also combine voice assistants to wake up the mobile phone through the headset or the built-in voice assistant of the headset to control various functions.

Among them, most products currently use the touch solution, which can avoid the opening of physical buttons and reduce the stethoscope effect of tapping the buttons. The supported modes are also very rich, including single, double, triple, long press, and up and down. swipe etc.

After several years of rapid development, TWS earphones have been continuously improved in product performance, with more and more product functions, and constantly expanding new application scenarios to make the user experience better, which is inseparable from related technologies and supply. The efforts of chain manufacturers.

In 2022, unlike its predecessors, a new brand, HHOGene GPods, that broke through the concept of traditional headphones, it is the world's first wireless Bluetooth earbuds with replaceable accessories and light control.

Its concept comes from the "light" - from simple lighting function to convey information, expressing emotions, and creating atmosphere, light is a language beyond words. The combination of "light" and “headphone” is a brand new attempt. For the first time, HHOGene used digital technology to apply human control of light to wireless Bluetooth headsets in a panoramic manner, and designed the world's first Bluetooth headset GPods that uses an app to realize personalized light control and dimming, using light earbuds to express unique self and personality.

When you see this picture, what’s your feeling? It is so cool, right?

This unique earphone is independently designed by HHOGene. It has four rhythm modes + 72 color modules. More than 300,000 color combinations can be selected and controlled by an APP. You can also identify the background color by taking pictures and put your favorite scenery. In the light earbuds mode, you can adjust the brightness, rhythm and color of the light along with the rhythm of the music. Enjoy audio visualizations and social distancing as colorful sound waves bounce up and down.

Behind each of the HHOGene GPods is a unique soul!

No matter where you are, you should stay true to yourself and dare to shine.

At present, this product is about to be released globally, you can go to HHOGene official website for more details learning.

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