What are Light Earbuds?

To explain what light earbuds are, I need to first explain what earbuds are in general.

Most people use earbuds at least 7 hours a day to listen to music, voice messages, news, podcasts, and many others. They have become the most common gadgets used daily.

There are substantial differences between wireless earbuds and true wireless earbuds and if you want to shop smartly you need to learn what they are. Needless to say, true wireless and regular wireless technologies are indeed different, even though you may not be able to guess what the differences are based on just the names.

The main similarity lies in the lack of wires connecting the earbuds to the audio source. So both true wireless and regular wireless earbuds rely on wireless technologies (most often Bluetooth) to establish and maintain a connection with an audio source (smartphone, laptop, MP3 player, etc.).

The main difference is that regular wireless earbuds still have a wire connecting the two earpieces. In contrast, true wireless earbuds feature two earpieces that aren’t physically connected in any way, shape, or form.

So the truth in true wireless refers to the absence of a wire that connects the two earbuds. They’re both equally wireless in terms of the connection with the audio source.

All earbuds have one thing in common, they are pairs of tiny speakers that you wear inside your ears and with good sound quality, they are useful devices.

However, when it comes to light earbuds, we notice major differences. All other earbuds share the same basic functions except for their designs and other small details. Light earbuds, in particular, include a mixture of light as a natural element and digitalization to make a gadget with beaming light.

Light earbuds are the latest innovations in tech gadgets and they were first developed by the brand HHOGene. The brand used LEDs to create a light beam capable of displaying more than 300,000 color combinations in just one click.

Using light to differentiate the HHOGene GPods from other brands of earbuds was by far the smartest idea from the brand. They made it impossible for people to have the same earbuds even if they bought them from the same brand. HHOGene raised the bar by adding digital light control functions to an APP that allows people to control how their earbuds look.

Light earbuds are still an idea to explore further but the color capture, color themes, and color photo functions that HHOGene has already introduced show just how fun light earbuds can be. There is no better time to explore fun tech than now.

Visit www.hhogene.com to find out more about the world's first earbuds with digital light control.

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