What earbuds can make you a DESIGNER ? - HHOGene GPods did it.

As the world's first wireless light earbuds, HHOGene GPods perferctly blend music and lights. In tremendous headphones monotonous color configuration, HHOGene GPods's prominent characteristics of the change of light to achieve the music also has the dream of color. It uses the extension of water as an element to extract the colors of the lake / glacier / rainbow, with the built-in 6 full-color LED beads and digital technology to achieve headphone lighting brightness, rhythm, color one-touch switch.

Next, let's take a closer look at the specialties and functions of the earbuds.

If you connect with the HHOGene APP, You will experience how to take full control of your own musical world. With the digital technology built into GPods, you can adjust the light dimness, brightness, rhythmic response, shadows and colors at will. HHOGene GPods will take you into the musical world you portray and make you an artist.

You can set the form of light you want to show on the APP, which contains 300,000 kinds of light combinations and 50 light themes. The light also changes constantly with the rhythm of the music, while its color photo recognition function identifies the main tones of your current environment through photos, thus making you blend in with your surroundings. In other words, when you wear the HHOGene GPods, you are the designer of the earbuds.

There are various ways for you to change the light presented by the earbuds. The light screen made up of 6 LEDs can be applied with different colors in the environment. In the night, you will be the brightest star.

In the market environment where earbuds are still in a single color and style, HHOGene GPods has done to break the deadlock and open up the world of wireless light earbuds with its own power. With the continuous development and progress of technology, "cyberpunk" is becoming a popular trend, and the pursuit of technology has become a distinctive label for young people to put on themselves. When you wear HHOGene GPods, it is a science fiction-like attraction, the light source itself with the "cyberpunk" element can easily push you into the anti-Utopian atmosphere.

HHOGene always keeps surprising people with new customized earbuds shell. To give you a better experience, you can choose and buy as many different styles of earbuds shells as you like. With RGB light effect, the visual effect will become more dazzling. The design of customized shells always represent the cultural charm, designers often use unique and representative color elements to show the cultural characteristics of different regions.

Take the HHOGene Forbidden City series as an example, inspired by the iconic sites and buildings in the Forbidden City, the designer shows the beauty of ancient Chinese architecture to everyone. Plum blossoms, eaves, palaces and other elements show the charm of Chinese culture everywhere. Therefore, HHOGene's earbuds shell can not only show different styles of decoration, but also the embodiment of cultural heritage and display.

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