Bluetooth headset is mainly divided into three categories, true wireless, neck hanging type and headset. Among them, the most convenient to belong to the true wireless, and now also the most popular, the streets can be seen hanging everyone hanging in the ears of various formats of true wireless headphones. True wireless headphones, also called TWS headphones, is the English True Wireless Stereo, that is, the abbreviation of true wireless stereo.

Explained in the most straightforward terms, that is, there is absolutely no line of headphones, two headphones can work independently and separately.

True wireless headset so hot, can not be separated from the power of technology, with the Bluetooth version and so on the progress of technology, true wireless headset stability, sound quality, delay have been significantly improved, high convenience is no longer its only advantage. Here are some brief advantages and disadvantages.

Pros: Small size, lightweight, simple and easy to carry, wireless design improves the stethoscope effect, in sports, travel has a better experience.

Cons: Delay is still the inevitable problem of Bluetooth headset, but I believe that with the progress of technology, we will continue to improve the experience of use. In addition is the opposite of high portability - easy to lose, this can only rely on you to pay more attention in the use (but there are some headphones developed anti-loss mode, can be located to retrieve).

Headset purchase related science - how to choose a headset for you?

HD transmission protocol

Higher transmission protocol, in theory, means less loss in the process of data transmission, can retain more details of the music, so the sound quality will be better. But in practice, and for various other reasons are not strictly adhered to, you should not blindly pursue the high transmission protocol.

In addition, for Apple users, if you choose non-owned headphones, you need to pay attention to the choice of headphones that support AAC mode. Because some headphones are supported APTX, SBC mode, and Apple machines do not support APTX, directly down to SBC, the difference is still quite a lot.

Now many TWS Bluetooth headset is using Bluetooth 5.0, now also slowly emerged 5.1, 5.2 version, are backward compatible. Bluetooth 5.0 compared to its predecessor Bluetooth 4.2, the total advantage is better performance in all aspects, such as lower power consumption, higher connection stability, have a longer transmission distance, etc..

When you choose the headset, try to choose a high version of Bluetooth headset, will have a more stable experience.

Earbud’s Single life of 5 hours + 20 hours (with charging case). With ANC on / Light Off is 4 hours | ANC Off/Light On is 4hours | ANC /Light on is 3hours. Waterproof level is IPX4 with 5.2 Bluetooth version. GPods have SBC AAC Audio Codec, with Immersive Hi-Fi Sound and an ANC of 20-25dB Lights and 6 RGB LEDs. In-ear detection Sensor, Earbuds battery capacity of 45mAH Charging case is 600mAH and the Maximum Charging Time is 1.5 hours and a fast charging Time of 10 minutes fast charging for 2 hours listening. It uses a USB-C (20mm) charging cable. Packaged with 4 pairs(XS/S/M/L) Ear Tips. With more options in the HHOGene APP Compatible with ios10.0/ Android 6.0.

Reason for recommendation: Each earbud is unique, it captures the colors of the world through digital technology, HHOGene has developed an APP to control the light mode of earbuds. GPods also have the ability to adjust the light brightness, beats, colors, all in one-click. When you play your favorite music, colorful sound waves dance up and down showing dynamic audio visualization. Every tiny space of the earbud uses the temporal difference algorithm of the light control chip to achieve the beats, color, and brightness change with one-third of energy consumption. As a result, the limited battery of the earbuds achieves super long standby mode. HHOGene GPods Wireless Earbuds’ Noise Canceling effect is one of the best on the market for most of the frequency noise can be filtered out, good physical noise reduction can be a certain degree of weakening of the human voice or sharp sound.

Single duration of 12 hours (8 hours on noise cancellation), plus the charging compartment has 36 hours (24 hours on noise cancellation). Support wireless charging, support fast charging waterproof rating of IPX4.

For people: friends with high requirements for sound quality and noise cancellation

Reason for recommendation: Noise cancellation, enhance the processor, coupled with the material special memory foam earplugs, making the noise reduction level on the basis of the original excellent, and improved, support for AI intelligent noise reduction, the headset will monitor the noise level of the environment you are in, automatically open the noise reduction depth to match, seeking a balance between noise reduction and reduce ear pressure to enhance comfort. This design allows the headset to switch the noise cancellation depth in different scenarios, after all, not the higher the noise cancellation depth the better the noise cancellation experience, reducing the unnecessary depth of noise cancellation time, can alleviate the negative pressure on the ears brought about by high noise cancellation. The actual noise cancellation effect is very good, for most of the frequency noise can be filtered out, good physical noise reduction can be a certain degree of weakening of the human voice or sharp sound.

The headset XM4's intelligent no-pick also used on wireless headphones, can monitor the wearer to speak and open 15s ambient sound mode, even when wearing headphones need to short conversation can be free of manual operation can be directly communicated.

Single life 4.5 hours, plus charging bin has 28.5 hours. Charging port is Lighting port - Type-C port, in addition to support wireless charging, the use of experience will be better. Waterproof level is IPX4.

Suitable for the crowd: Apple users, the pursuit of noise reduction.

Reason for recommendation: This AirPods Pro great highlight is active noise cancellation . Dual microphone active noise cancellation function, the outer microphone to monitor noise and generate reverse sound waves to eliminate, while there is an in-ear microphone to monitor excess sound waves in the ear, and then generate reverse sound waves to offset, with a high range power amplifier and computing power is quite strong H1 chip, with the completion of noise reduction, the depth of noise reduction is very good. The use of wave speed molding microphone, the radio effect is very good. Can long press the headphone stalk for noise reduction/transparent mode switch, adapt to more scenes. Apple's own ecology seamlessly compatible, so if it is handheld multi-Apple devices, silky smooth switching using experience is great.

Rubber type earbuds + in-ear design, not easy to fall off, and the comfort and stability of wearing is very good. Play, pause, up and down the first switch, pass-through/noise reduction switch through the strength sensor below the headphone stalk. The sound quality is relatively flat, but also relatively comprehensive, without too much sound coloring, and the reality is that there are many people who like the way it sounds. This is a very suitable for commuting and daily use of headphones, humane and thoughtful design can be felt when using, with the current price of 1349, for Apple phone holders experience is very good, it is worth getting.

In sum, if you are looking for a higher battery life, great sound quality, fashionable and high quality you would go for different earbuds.

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