Who Invented the first truly earbuds?

The next big leap in headphone history is the evolution from wired to wireless headphones. The first wireless headphones hit the market in his 2004, but in the 2010s they became a popular alternative to widely used wired headphones. The last major headphone invention was the true wireless earbud. Owning a true wireless earbud is a little piece of paradise for any music lover or anyone on the go! That's why we went big to create the perfect Powerlocus true wireless earbuds for all fans of the brand. We're taking a step forward. Stay tuned for good news that will be released in about a month.

In 2015, a Japanese company called Onkyo produced the first truly wireless earbuds. They created the first pair and launched them in September 2015, dubbed the "Onkyo W800BT". Onkyo's wireless earbuds have come out, creating precedent and pioneering work in a category that has great potential for consumer acceptance.

But as the first of its kind, there were clearly some problems! The first true wireless earbuds had issues with Bluetooth connectivity, short battery life, and user complaints about inconsistent sound quality. Some also felt that wireless earbuds caused discomfort compared to wired earbuds. Gone are the days of wasting precious time untangling messy, crumpled, twisted earbud cords that ruin our mood before we can watch a movie or listen to our favorite artist!

Do you know how earbuds are becoming part of someone's style and outfit? Consider other people's POVs as they are on the visible part of the body. Most, if not all, people consider not only price, specs, and brand, but also design, looks, or how they look on themselves.

So, considering all these factors (price, specs, brand, design), I can confidently say that you should get the HHOGene GPods Earbuds. The specs are good, but the biggest feature of this earphone is the light production. This is the same as regular earphones. There was a color-changing lightning effect on the outside of the body. This lightning effect is vivid and can be seen from a distance. Let's talk more about the lightning effect.

But now the scenario has changed and oh my god it has changed radically! At some point all the big brands like Google, Oppo, Apple, Oneplus, Oppo, HHOGene, Samsung etc. stepped up and went completely wireless created a whole new category of earbuds that offer the best and most convenient audio without the hassle. experience. TWS earbuds are finally affordable and offer great value for money.Truly Wireless earbuds offer a unique way to shop for unique products, and are themselves a huge leap from traditional wearables. was.

Now, bluetooth earbuds are nothing new. With so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to find a pair that truly resonates with your personality, style, and, frankly, your experience. They all appear to follow the same tried and true design principles. So many of them look very similar.This is not the case for the HHOGene GPods. In fact, I can safely say that I have never seen an earbud like this.

The GPods exterior can be fully illuminated with a variety of colors - over 300,000 possible combinations - and you can switch between patterned modes such as Ripple, Bright, Pulse and Breath to match the music you're listening to. You can also react to audio. Built-in artificial intelligence with algorithmic capabilities can also control lighting through features such as color photography modes that match external displays to photos, landscapes, and other beautiful images.

The lighting is cool, but we're talking earbuds here, so the sound has to be good too.Comes with a wireless charging case that gives you up to 20 hours of battery life in total, or 5 hours on a single charge . A 10 minute boost gives you 2 hours of playback in no time. It has Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) that blocks ambient noise, but only to a certain decibel. So you can hear what you need while walking down the street.

The HHOGene GPods case goes one step further and the brand goes far beyond simple earbuds with this feature.You can customize the look of your earbuds with all-new themes and designs. For example, a limited-edition World Cup-themed shell of his GPods is available now, and similar to the Christmas-themed shell, the earbuds have a warning look. please do not worry. Lighting adjustments work well under a shell, especially glowing at night. Touch-sensitive controls let you play, pause, skip tracks, answer phone calls, and even turn lights on and off. IPX4 waterproof, so you don't have to worry about sweat, rain or puddles. If you're interested in something like this, here are some of the main specs:

Bluetooth 5.2

Powerful 11mm speaker drivers

25 dB of active noise cancellation

SBC and AAC audio codec support

USB-C charging

IPX4 compliant waterproof

Supports iOS (13.0) and Android (6.0)

GPod is currently available on the official website and not available anywhere else. This is because the product is still new and few people know about it.

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