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GPods Premium Set

GPods プレミアムセット4つのオリジナルのシェル、あなたが望むようにシェルを変更します!量制限される。

GPods premium set with four original shells, change shells as you want! Limited quantities.

149 USD/19,999円

HHOGene GPods


The world's first light earbuds with digital light control, over 300,000 color combinations.

109 USD/14,999円

GPods Mini Set

HHOGene GPodsミニセット にはGPods本体と一対のシェルが含まれる。シェルを自由に付け替えよう!

GPods Mini Set includes GPods and a pair of shells. Make Your Buds Unique.

119 USD/15,999円




When it comes to spring, does sakura come to your mind? The blossoming flowers are a gorgeous declaration of spring. Under the warm spring sun, countless sakura blossoms are in full bloom, splendid as clouds on the branches, mesmerizing. Even if the delicate petals start to drift away, there is no regret because they have bloomed with all their might. In next spring, the cherry blossoms will still keep the promise to be in full bloom.




"A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains" is one of China's ten most famous existing heirloom paintings, presenting the art of Chinese landscape with meticulous detail and unique tones and moods. Under the artist's brush, nature's amazing works of art come to life, with smoky rivers, rolling hills, and water pavilions forming a composition of great beauty. We hope you can experience the beauty of humans and nature living together in harmony with these beautiful brush stroke.


Apsara Legend


Dunhuang, in China, is home to countless exquisite murals engraved with ancient stories. This famous world Buddhist cultural heritage has different aesthetic characteristics and artistic styles from traditional secular paintings, including the image of the "flying sky", which is a unique and haunting beauty with its flowing skirts and dancing ribbons. Sadly, many ancient frescoes have been lost over the years. However, by presenting Dunhuang frescoes on GPods, we hope to introduce more people to these incredible works of art, encouraging them to appreciate and protect them.


Forbidden City

故宮(紫禁城)、この古めかしい帝王の宮殿は、世界で現存する最も規模が大きく、最も完全に保存されている古代建築群の一つである。 およそ六百年にわたる栄枯盛衰を経ている故宮は、浩瀚なる中華の歴史の目撃者であり、歴史的蓄積を持つ類を見ない文化的宝庫である。 軒を連ねる皇宮の扉を開き、神秘的かつ荘厳な絶景を味わっていただきたい。

The Forbidden City, the ancient imperial palace, is one of the world's largest and best-preserved traditional architectural complexes. Over the course of 600 years, it has withstood the test of time, bearing witness to the vast history of China and serving as a cultural treasure trove with unparalleled historical heritage. We hope to explore the mysterious and solemn beauty of the imperial palace with you.


Street Art


Graffiti first emerged in the streets of the United States in the 1960s, where the walls of houses on the streets became the canvas for artists to freely and spontaneously incorporate their ideas into the street city. Dare to express, dare to shine - street culture is all about being open, confident, and free. It's precisely what we wish for today's youth.




The nightmare is terrifying and abhorrent, but this maze is often filled with endless imagination and contains wonderful inspiration. In many cases, the process of creating great art is painful and dazing, but it is only after the trials and tribulations that an heirloom can emit its light.



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